Now Offering Private Lessons at a Reduced Rate!

10 01 2011

Hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am starting to offer private lessons at a very reduced rate! Bring a friend or two and split the cost! Also, upon request, I can provide a HD video of the session! I will be willing to cover what ever the desired topic. Some topics I have been asked in the past include:

*Half Guard

*Deep Half Guard


*Tornado Guard

*Open Guard (De La Riva, Leg Lasso)

*and More!

All the proceeds are going towards travel and competition expenses to help send me to the Pan Ams and World Championships! Donations will also be accepted as anything helps.  Just contact me via comment on here, email or Facebook to set yours up today or if you have any questions! Thanks guys and I will see everyone on the mat!

Also I will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma at TRITON FIGHT CENTER January 26th-31st training in preparation for the Houston International Open. If you wish to do a private while I am there, please contact me or Piet Wilehlm to schedule a time slot! The sooner the better as I will only have time for so many!

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