Interview by BJJ Black Belt John Brink

14 01 2011

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is training hard! I wanted to share a video of an interview that I did with my friend and training partner John Brink over at his school, Impact Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dallas. John decided to go a head and interview me asking me a wide variety of questions pertaining to my jiu-jitsu story, my goals for 2011, and even details about my current special that I am running on my reduced rate private lessons! As you may or may not know, I am currently offering private lessons at a very reduced rate in order to help raise money to send me to the Pan Ams and World Championships in California. You can even bring a friend or two and split the costs amongst yourselves! Also, upon request, I am also offering the option of providing a full HD quality video of the private lesson so that you wont even have to take notes before or after! If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I would be honored to help you in the progression of  your jiu-jitsu game! Go ahead and take a look at the interview bellow! There you will find all my contact information if you have any questions and to set up your private today!

Also guys, to provide you with a preview of my teaching style and some techniques that I like to use myself, I have added THREE new technique videos under the BJJ TECHNIQUES page. Go and check those out as well and leave me some feedback on how I did! It was my first time to ever do instructionals and I have to say it was a blast! Go ahead and navigate over to my BJJ TECHNIQUES page at the above menu or simply click here.

I want to thank Mr. John Brink over at Impact Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dallas for helping me with the interview and all of my new technique videos. If you are in the Dallas or South Dallas/Oak Cliff area, I encourage you to go check him out. John is a great instructor and will help you reach your goals in jiu-jitsu whatever they may be. Visit his website by clicking on it in the side bar under links or simply click the link above.

Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoy the interview and the new technique videos. As always, live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle and I will see you all on the mat!




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