Shoyoroll Batch #7 Golden State Review

14 01 2011

Shoyoroll Batch #7 Golden State Review

The Gi – Picking One Up

Starting off I have to say that this is my third Shoyoroll gi to own. I was very excited to receive it as my other Shoyorolls are and were great gis. First of all, let me start out with the purchasing process for these gis. There has been a lot of hype around these gis, and rightful so, but that hype has caused them to have great difficulty in accumulating one. There are only two distributors Shoyoroll uses and that is BudoVideos and NHB Gear. In order to get mine, I was sitting in front of my computer at 7 AM waiting for the pre-sale to begin on NHB Gear. I wear an A2 in Shoyoroll and that size along with the A1 were sold out in close to 15 minutes. Once the pre-sales are sold out, they do not reproduce any of the batches ever again. During the pre-sale, this gi went for a retail price of $159.95, which is the normal price for a white Shoyoroll gi. Most of their colored gis run only a bit higher at $169.95. Shoyorolls are generally in the mid to upper price range for jiu-jitsu gis.

The only other way to get one is if you purchase one on an auction website such as eBay. Because they are in such high demand, the scalpers always buy up a good portion of the gis and then repost them on eBay as soon as the pre-sale is over with. Shoyoroll does try to prevent this as much as possible though by limiting the quantity that each person can purchase, but it is impossible to avoid. Purchasing is always an option though on eBay, however you are going to probably spend close to $100 more than what they cost on during the pre-sale so your best option is to get them during the frantic pre-sale. Following Shoyoroll on their Facebook page is generally the best way for updates on when they will be releasing the next batch and when the pre-sale will be. I have added on the side bar of each page a link that will take you strait to their Facebook page.

Once you purchase a gi via the pre-sale, now it is simply a waiting game. It generally is a minimum of two months but can be as long as three to four months until the batch is produced, shipped, cleared through customs, passed to the distributor, and shipped to your door step. So once you get your pre-order in, just sit tight. The waiting does get old after a while, but it is all well worth it when you get the gi in your hands. Generally, Shoyoroll is pretty spot on with their estimated shipping dates and are usually within two weeks of their alloted time frame. Shoyoroll also keeps you updated via their Facebook as to the status of the shipments regularly as it gets closer to their estimated ship date. Once the distributors get the gis from customs, they work vigorously until they are all shipped out. You will get your gi! It just takes a while…

The Gi – Jacket

The information provided from Shoyoroll on the jacket is given as:

– Lightweight 450g pearl weave fabric

– One piece jacket with no back seam

– Custom IPOD/ID pocket

– EVA Foam Collar

– Contrasting color stitch

– Heavy Reinforced Seams

– Tailored Fit

– Custom woven inner taping

The fabric makes the gi very light. I would put it at around 3 – 4 pounds including the pants, though I haven’t weighed it exactly. Yet the pearl weave fabric is very durable. Also the seams are all triple stitched, making the gi extra strong. The one piece jacket is a must for a strong gi. The contrast color stitching is a standard with most Shoyoroll gis. For this gi, the blue stitching with the white gi makes for a great contrast of colors. It adds more style to the gi. Also, the embroidered logos on the sleeves are always an excellent touch. I have found Shoyoroll always has a good balance of not over patching their gis, yet the ones they do place on the gis are well placed and make the gi very stylish. I really like the new logo that they added to the bottom of the skirt on the front too.

They brought back the multi-colored lining on the inside of the skirt and the inside of the sleeves representing Guam. It is a nice little touch. As with most of the Shoyoroll gis, the ID/iPod pocket on the inside of the gi jacket is also present. Though it is just as simply made as you would think, it is quite a nifty addition. Shoyoroll really sets themselves apart with little things like this. If you are looking at competing in any IBJJF competition, it will prove most useful when carrying around your ID.  The skirt on the top is also perfect length. It is not too short or too long. It comes down just below the hips. The next thing I would like to point out is the collar. The collar is nice and sturdy as it has a foam insert. Due to the foam insert, it also drys very easily. Always a great perk, especially for those of you, like me, who train twice a day and are washing your gis often.

Bellow are several pictures, showing the very details I have described.

Overall, I give the gi jacket 4.9 out of 5 stars. It would be a perfect 5, but after rolling in the gi for a few rolls the sleeves do stretch slightly. I know this is just because of the light weight fabric getting damp with sweat but I wish there could be a solution to this issue. Other than that, the gi top is spot on perfect. Shoyoroll again has created another great product.

The Gi – Pants

The information provided by Shoyoroll on the pants is given as:

– 10oz Drill cotton Pants

– Stretchy Rope Drawstring

– 6 Point loop system

– Gold weave knee pads

– Gold weave gusset

– Contrasting color stitch

– Heavy Reinforced Seams

– Tailored Fit

– Custom woven inner taping

The pants are made of 10 oz drill cotton. They are surprisingly very light, yet they are also very strong. Some of the highlights of the pants are Shoyoroll standards. The first is the 6-point loop system for the elastic draw string. The elastic drawstring is also a nice amenity because it ties and unties very easily while staying very tight and secure during training. The next perk and probably my favorite of all Shoyoroll’s innovations, is the gold weave gusset or crotch. It allows for much more mobility with the legs while playing in the guard. For guard players, it is a huge comfort to have. The knee pads are also made with the gold weave design. With the Golden State, the knee pads are perfect size. Shoyoroll has experimented with the length of the knee pads in the past and, with this gi, they finally got it spot on perfect.

Another nice thing with the pants is that because the pants are designed for guard players, they have raised the crotch up enough to eliminate all the slack that you normally find. Not having that slack in the crotch is a huge advantage. It gives them a much more tailored fit as well as making them much easier to move in.  As for the aesthetics of the pants, they have the same contrast color stitching  as well as contrasting belt loops and drawstring. The Guam colored lining on the inside of the pant legs is also present. Shoyoroll also placed the small logo patch in English script on the upper thigh. These pants are sharp looking.

Following are several pictures of the details I have laid out.

Overall I give the pants 5 out of 5 stars. The pants are the best part of the gi. For guard players, they are the perfect pants to wear. After wearing them several times while training, I can vouch for this statement. The pants are the best pants I have ever worn. Shoyoroll has got the perfect gi pants in the Golden State.

The Gi – Overall Fit and Sum Up

As for the fit and sizing of the gi, Shoyoroll in general makes their gis on the bigger side. When going to get your gi, it is always a good idea to check with their sizing chart. If you are on the lower end of the size, then it would be beneficial to get that one that you fall into and simply wash it in cold water and hang dry. However, if you do get the gi and it is a little too big, you can always place it in the drier and shrink it down a little bit. I know with mine, I am 5’8″ around 195 lbs, I had to shrink my A2 down just a tad. The overall fit of the gi is great. It is a tailored fit, so it fits nice and snug. The sleeves are at perfect length as well as the pants after the minor shrinkage.

Overall, this gi is one of my favorite gis. It fits perfectly for my body type and is extremely comfortable to wear during training. It is light and durable and all around a great gi. I will probably choose this gi to wear when competing this year. The gi is IBJJF legal. I give the gi overall a 4.95 out of 5 stars. The only issue is the stretching of the sleeves after a little bit of rolling due to the sweat and constant tugging. I wish there was a way to address this, but it seems to be a tag along with the light weight fabric. Other than this, which isn’t that big of an issue, the gi is nearly perfect and one of the best on the market. If you come across one for a reasonable price, I would suggest picking it up, and that goes for almost any Shoyoroll. Shoyoroll really sets themselves apart with their great gi innovations, quality products, and overall style.




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2 08 2011

If anyone has this Shoyoroll Golden State Gi in a size A1 and is interested in selling it, please contact me.



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