Fight to Win & WGC Tournament of Champions VII: A Day in Review

23 01 2011

Fight to Win & WGC Tournament of Champions VII: A Day in Review

Hey everyone! I hope everthing is going great in each of your lives and I hope training is good! Today I attended the Fight to Win (FTW) and World Grappling Circuit (WGC) Tournament of Champions VII and worked as a referee. There were close to 300-400 competeitors at  the first FTW and WGC tournament of the year in Duncanville, Texas. The day went really well. First of all I want to say that if you haven’t heard of these organizations, let me enlighten you.

Fight to Win is an organization based out of Colorado and it is headed up by Mr. Seth Daniels. They run grappling tournaments as well as mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions in the Colorado  area. World Grappling Circuit is based out of Texas and is headed up by Mr. Brett Boyce.  They run grappling tournaments in the state of Texas. Both promotions team up every year and bring grappling tournaments to both Colorado and Texas.

Now I have been to multiple NAGA and Grappler’s Quest events as well as a a wide variety of small tournaments. Out of all of those tournaments I have been to, FTW and WGC run the best and smoothest tournaments around. All of their events are built around two main principles: The competitor and keeping things progressing. At these tournaments, there is no waiting around all day to compete; there is no pandemonium, and very minimal confusion.  At every single one of their tournaments I have attended, everything has been done and the mats rolled up no later than 4 PM. Usually, depending on the number of competitors, it is even earlier than that. Also, when they call your bracket, you are going to be grappling in the next few minutes. They do not drop the ball on these things. This is why I continue to come back to FTW and WGC tournaments and encourage every one to do so as well.

Today was no different. The tournament was well run, smooth, and had very minimal road bumps. Here is a video highlight real of all that I was able to capture as I was reffing most of the time! Enjoy! I will see everyone on the mat and as always… Live the Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle!




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12 02 2011
Garrett Scott

I was remember when I wore camouflage gi in gi game, what was you try told me about that?

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