Champions Are Not Born… They Are Made

31 01 2011

Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s training is going well! I wanted to share some of my conditioning training with everyone. Before big tournaments this year, I plan on returning to Broken Arrow, OK to Triton Fight Center to train my conditioning. My friend, BJJ black belt Piet Wilhelm and I love to condition together to push each other. We normally train two conditioning workouts a day, plus train jiu-jitsu on the mat twice a day as well. Our workouts generally consist of multiple exercises, ranging from high box jumps, rowing, cleans, abs, ect. After everything I have experienced in my jiu-jitsu career, I know for a fact that champions are not born… they are made. Champions are made by a combination of hard work and determination. Bellow is a video of Piet and I conditioning for the upcoming IBJJF Houston International Open. Enjoy and as always, I will see everyone on the mat!

BJJ Black and Brown Belt Piet Wilhelm and Mark Peltier Condition for Houston Open




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