Shoyoroll Batch #7 7th Son Review

2 04 2011

Shoyoroll Batch #7 7th Son Review

The Gi – Picking One Up

The 7th son was the second gi in the batch #7 series which was released for pre-sale in September of 2010 and finally hit the streets in December. It was a collaboration project between Shoyoroll and Luke Stewart, a world-famous tattoo artist. As I have mentioned in my other reviews over Shoyoroll gis, all of Shoyoroll’s gis are limited edition runs and are not reproduced. Once they are gone, they are gone. The 7th Son was released along side the other batch #7 gi, the Golden State. Much like the Golden State, I got this gi by sitting at my computer very early on the day of the pre-sale. The 7th Son was completely sold out in both size A2 and A1 in a mater of 20 minutes. The gi retailed for $169.95 from both distributors (BudoVideos and NHB gear). Now, however, the only way to pick one up is off of an auction website such as eBay. There are still plenty out there on eBay but they are selling for anywhere from $200 – $300 as of late. The only good thing about them being recently released is that most of those on eBay are all still brand new in the package and have not been used, unlike some of the older batches. Picking one up should not be that hard if you are willing to spend the money.

The Gi – Jacket

The specs released from Shoyoroll on the jacket are:

– Light weight 450g pearl weave fabric

– One piece jacket with no back seam

– Custom iPod/ID pocket

– EVA foam collar

– Contrasting color stitch

– Heavy reinforced seams

– Tailored fit

– Custom art woven inner taping

Being constructed from the 450g pearl weave fabric, much like all of the other Shoyoroll gis, the jacket is very light. It is probably right at 4 pounds including the pants but I have not weighed it exactly. The jacket is also a one piece jacket with no back seam, making it extremely strong and durable. All of the stitching is also triple stitched and therefore extra strong as well. The color scheme of the gi is also different and stands out. The black gi with the contrasting orange stitching is an interesting color combination. Much like other Shoyoroll gis, the gi is not over patched. The main patches on the gi are the embroidered Shoyoroll logos on the arms and there is also a “7” with a crown around it on the lower corner of the gi.

The jacket also has an EVA foam collar. The collar on this gi is excellent. Shoyoroll really has the collar down pat when it comes to their gis. It is perfect size and because it has the EVA foam insert, it dries much faster than most other gis. The gi jacket also has the custom iPod/ID pocket on the inside that Shoyoroll has come to be known for. However, in 2011, the IBJJF has put a ban on all the pockets that are inside the jacket. So if you want to use this gi to compete in, then the pocket has to come out. That goes for any Shoyoroll with the pocket on the inside of the jacket. The jacket also has a custom inner taping. The bottom inside of the jacket as well as the inner sleeves has a custom dragon art work taping. It is a nice touch to the gi. However, the taping comes undone and unraveled within a handful of washes. It starts to fray apart and it can be an issue when training in the gi as the frayed fabric can hang out and be grabbed and ripped even worse. More pictures of the gi jacket can be seen below.

Overall, I must say that the gi jacket is excellent. It is very comfortable to train in. The only issue with the gi jacket is that the custom inner taping becomes frayed and begins to fall out. It could have been prevented with a stitch down through the center of the piece but that would have spoiled the graphic. Overall I would have to give the jacket a 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is a great gi jacket minus the taping coming apart. Shoyoroll has produced yet another great product.

The Gi – Pants

The information provided by Shoyoroll on the pants are:

– 10 oz ripstop cotton pants with gold weave gusset

– Stretchy rope drawstring

– 6 point loop system

– Contrasting color stitching

– Heavy reinforced seams

– Tailored fit

– Custom art woven inner taping

The pants are extremely light. They almost seem like they would not be very durable but indeed they are. The ripstop cotton makes the pants very strong while keeping them light as well. Also, all of the stitching is triple stitched and therefore extra reinforced. The main highlights of the pants are the Shoyoroll standards. The gold weave gusset is always one of my personal favorites. It really allows for the pants to move with your legs, which is a must for any jiu-jitsu practitioner… especially a guard player.  The pants also have the 6 belt loops and stretchy rope drawstring. This combination makes sure that the pants do not come down at all during the heat of battle.

There are not very many patches on the pants. The only two are a small old English Shoyoroll patch on the left thigh and also another small 7 with a crown on it down on the left shin. Again, Shoyoroll does a great job of not over patching their product. The knee pads on the gi, as like the Golden State, are perfect size. They are not too large similar to the Black Star or too small like some of the other gis in the past. Like the top, the pants on the bottom on the inside have the same dragon custom woven inner taping. However, like the top as well, the taping does come undone and can start to hang out of the bottom of the pant leg. If you do not stay on top of it, the taping can hang out the bottom of the pants and be grabbed and ripped out causing some damage. Below are some more pictures of the gi pants.

Overall, I would have to give these pants a 4.6 out of 5 stars. They are really great pants. The pants are what have come to make Shoyoroll gis so great. They would be rated higher but the inner taping coming apart really was a bit of a nuisance to deal with. However, they do not really affect the performance of the gi. These pants are still excellent.

The Gi – Overall Fit and Sum Up

Shoyoroll gis tend to run on the larger side. I am 5’8″ about 170 and I wear and A2. I did shrink the A2 as much as possible by placing it in the dryer on high heat. The top did shrink a decent amount. The pants shrank slightly but not nearly as much as I would have hoped. The pants are a tad bit long for me but they are still close to being right on the mark. The tailored fit makes the gi very nice and snug. The gi feels great when on and especially when training. It is also IBJJF legal so if you choose, the gi can be your competitor. Overall I give the gi a 4.65 out of 5 stars. The gi is great. It is not a perfect 5 mainly due to the inner taping. The taping is a great idea, but because it comes undone and can cause damage to the pants if grabbed and yanked out, it is an issue. However, as long as you watch the inner taping, the gi is still one of the best out on the market. Also, I should note that if the taping comes out too bad, as mine did, I simply emailed pictures to Shoyoroll and they replaced the gi in about a week. Shoyoroll has created a great product yet again and also backs it up with superb customer support. If you have the chance to pick one of these up, I highly recommend it.




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