Busy but not Forgotten: 2 Years of the Jiu-Jistu Lifestyle

16 12 2013

Wow! Where has the time gone? It has been so long since I have been able to post anything to this page. I will be honest – life has caught up with me in the form of work and travel. But that all being said – I still have done as I have always done and continued to live the bjj lifestyle!

Lots of things have changed over the course of the last near two years. To give a brief run down – in the last 2 years I have competed in multiple jiu-jitsu events – lived in 4 different countries (including the US) – and I have met and made friendships all over the world thanks to jiu-jitsu! I have been to places like Scotland, England, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, and I currently am residing in Thailand! Life has taken me on a crazy trip these past few years. I will try to find time to update my story page to keep everyone in the loop – but in this time I will tell you I have learned more about myself and my jiu-jitsu and have countless examples of just how amazing this lifestyle is.

So – as soon as I can find the time – I promise to bring you guys a revamp of Live The BJJ Lifestyle.com including more reviews, thoughts on tournaments and the BJJ world, and different experiences of the places I have been! Thank you all for the constant support! As always continue to Live the BJJ Lifestyle!

OH and I almost forgot – here is just a teaser of some of the things that have transpired in the past two years – these coming from 2013 in particular! Osssss!

March 22, 2013 – Promoted to Black Belt

A Never Ending Pursuit of Perfection

First Black Belt Gold in Alberta Provisional Championships




2 responses

18 02 2014

I really liked your Gi reviews. I found them on Sherdog. I know they were 2-4 years old, but I was hoping to read your reviews on the SYR gis all the way up to batch 30. Hope your travels stay rewarding and safe. OSS brother!

18 02 2014

Thanks man! Life is always getting in the way. I have had or currently own a handful of SyRs but I haven’t had a lot of them post batch 13. Now there are so many it would be expensive and difficult but out of the ones I have seen and used post batch 10 ill tell you this – the cuts have changed to where now A2s do not fit me as well as anything batch 10 and before. Not sure if it was design change or new manufacturers but A2s are quite big on me to where my pre batch 10 A2s fit like a glove. Just my opinion. SYRs have grown like crazy and I think they are still great gis but they have changed since the beginning and not for the best In my not so humble opinion.

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