BJJ Techniques

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Spider Guard – Leg Lasso to Rolling Triangle

Here I explain a rolling triangle set up from the leg lasso open guard position. I picked this up while training in Atlanta, Ga at Alliance Headquarters with Cobrinha. I actually learned this from one of the purple belts there because I noticed him trying to set something up and asked about it and this is what I got. I have now added it to my arsenal of things from this position. Enjoy!

Inside-Out Guard Hip Bump Sweep

In this video I explain and walk through a hip bump sweep from the inside-out guard or the double under hook pass position. I learned this move directly from 4x World Champion Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. Enjoy!

De La Riva Guard X-Sweep

In this video I explain what I call the “X-Sweep” from the De La Riva Guard when someone is sitting with one leg up inside your open guard. I would like to credit Mr. Jeff Rockwell for helping me develop this sweep as well as Mr. Darrin Lillian. I actually hit this sweep quite often in this position. Enjoy!


Deep Half Guard to Sweep

In this video I go through and explain one of many entrances that I use to the deep half guard as well as the basic sweep that follows it.  Enjoy!


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4 responses

16 01 2011
Kenny Lam

Mark this site is amazing man! You are definitely making a great publication here for your adventure and helping out other guys, like me, learn on the way as well. Thanks Mark and continue the amazing work! Hopefully see you soon man! Good lucK!

1 02 2011

nice techniques, man. when will you get your black belt?

1 02 2011

Thanks man, I am glad you enjoyed them. I really cant say when I will get promoted, as it is not my decision of course. All I know for sure is I will be competing this year at the worlds as a brown by my own choice. After that, I don’t know what is going to happen. However, I am in no rush. Just training hard to be the best I can be and help as many people as I can along the way!

24 07 2012
Martial Arts Talk

You learn the Martial Arts discipline from the training, the better the discipline you have to the Martial Art the better you become.
Remember that this may be a very subconscious area
for a lot of people and they are more likely to start working harder and concentrating more without realising.

The respect comes from the sparring, the harder you hit
someone the harder they are going to hit you back, the more you respect that
fighter the more they will respect you.

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